Content for NGO’s


What is it about?

Having proper living standards, overall good health, not being discriminated as well as basic human rights are aspects that can often be taken for granted in our society.
I am someone who thinks, that almost everyone in this world can help others, with the skills he or she has. For me this is Photography and Filmmaking.


Why should Filmmaking & Photography help my NGO?

The impact of high-quality videos & photography in fundraising for nonprofit-organisations is something that is often overlooked. Showing emotions, stories as well as actual videos & photos of what has been done with previous donors’ money, has a high impact on fundraising efforts of a NPO / NGO.

I wrote my bachelors thesis on the impact of high-quality videography in fundraising, while comparing outdated fundraising methods with high-quality videos. While it can sometimes be difficult for small NGO’s to fund marketing efforts, the value added can help tremendously.


ACNUR is a Non-profit organisation I have recently worked with.
The small campaign had the goal to work against refugee & immigrant stereotypes.